The site is a Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell, er, rather a combination of WordPress and Mike Jolley’s fabulous MiniCard theme.

Random taglins inspired by a combination of barackobamaisyournewbicycle, chucknorrisfacts, and the Most Interesting Geek in the World meme.  The effect is achieved via Kevin Morey’s Advanced Tagline plugin.  All of the different taglines (all 65 of them) can be read here.

Websafe fonts via Typekit.

Example documents on the CV page were laid out in Adobe InDesign while art assets were created using a combination of PhotoShop, VectorMagic, and Illustrator.

Documents typeset in the wonderfully flexible Museo families, loving crafted by the exlijbris Font Foundry.

I was listening to some saucy ladies while creating this site, and their silky sounds can be heard here.


Easter Egg via the Cornify plugin.